Mercator IP, d.o.o covers two segments in the framework of its activities – i.e. the production segment and the services segment.


Our business units are spread throughout all of Slovenia, which reflects our activities to bring workplaces as close to individuals as possible. The specificity of our organisation can be seen in its branched organisational structure. We offer our employees various opportunities for placement in the economics of the company’s business by providing them with various activities. We are aware that people are one of the key factors of our success, therefore we pay particular attention to the adjustment of workplaces to our employees and take good care of favourable working conditions in that manner. At the same time, we take care of their professional growth and consequentially of their work performance.


In the future, we will continue searching for new market opportunities, while paying attention that these are in line with the set vision for development and high employment demands. In the framework of the existing employment opportunities and in search of new ones, we are focused on providing work diversity while paying particular attention to ergonomics and the ability to carry out remote activities. We strive to make the work positions match the needs of our employees as much as possible to help them improve their employability.