Achieving success in our business activities by providing quality products and services to our customers and acting responsively towards the environment and the employees of the company.


Mercator IP is bound to sustainable social responsibility and to respecting the moral and ethical values of our employees. Our company tries to effectively utilise the working and creative capabilities of our employees by searching for new creative solutions, by developing corresponding managerial skills and by using various types of promotion provided by modern society.  With the dispersion of our activities, we offer new opportunities to our employees related to their positioning into the business activities of our company. By modifying work processes, offering appropriate professional training and adapting workplaces, we are successfully integrating the disabled into the working environment. We believe in creative working capabilities and the skills of our employees that guarantee us our common future by successfully marketing our goods and services.

Strategic guidelines
  1. To strengthen the competitive advantages of our company by providing adequate professional training, by modifying work processes and by adapting the work positions.
  2. To develop and ensure diverse and value-for-money offers of quality, natural and ecological products from the food, textile and cosmetic industries.
  3. To create new work positions by establishing new activities of the company.
  4. To develop new formats of selling food, textile and cosmetic products.
  5. To strengthen the existing online and catalogue selling channels.
  6. To improve cost-effectiveness on all levels of the business activities of our company with the purpose of achieving excellent business performance and the most effective operation of the company.
  7. To improve innovation.
  8. To promote the image of the company, to maintain social responsibility and to respect moral and ethical values of our employees.