Products from the Food Programme

Our food products are typically of high quality, handmade according to traditional recipes and made of quality ingredients, without any preservatives, while containing selected flavours from around Slovenia.

In our food processing plants, we manufacture:

  • Confectionery products made of biscuit dough, yeast dough or puff pastry, fine pastries, seasonal cakes and homemade biscuits;
  • Prepared salads, stews and side dishes, such as pancakes au gratin, cheese and buckwheat rolled dumplings, etc.;  
  • Prepared meat dishes such as breaded steaks, breaded fish, cannelloni, etc.;
  • Ready-to-serve meals such as goulash, tripe stew, sarma (stuffed cabbage), etc.;
  • Beefsteak Tartare and various spreads;
  • Bakalar (dried and salted cod);
  • Dried apple slices and apple crisps.
Products from the Non-Food Programme

The beginning of the operation of our company was characterised by cosmetic production. Since the start-up of our company, we have been producing natural cosmetic products at Trebnik Mansion (Dvorec Trebnik) in Slovenske Konjice, based on traditional recipes and handicraft. They are united in the ‘Dvorec Trebnik’ line, through which we also market the gift and textile programme.