Window Dressing Services

Every day, window dressers take care of the complete image of our client’s places of business, both of their interior and of their exterior. At the window dressing workshops, they prepare various types of labels, notifications, posters, banners, signboards and other marketing materials that are aimed at persuading customers to enter the shop and purchase something from it.

Other window dressing services include:

  • Preparation and installation of seasonal decorations (seasons and holidays);
  • Maintenance of advertising space in the shop and outside of it;
  • Preparation of advertisements for events;
  • Preparation, control and replacement of the exterior and the interior labelling of objects (logos, working time information, stickers, cash register labels, HACCP notifications);
  • Other window dressing services according to our customers’ wishes.
Safety and Security Services

Our safety and security services cover several areas. Within their framework, we offer our clients:

  • Professional services of labour protection and fire safety;
  • Service of fire extinguishers, control of the hydrant network, control of drinking fountains, grinding services;
  • Reception and video surveillance services and
  • Archiving.
Safe Food and Internal Control Services

The safe food and internal control service provides control and takes care of our (client’s) compliance with the existing laws, HACCP standards and safe food guidelines. Globalisation and the arrival of new foods and materials to our market demand continuous surveillance and control of possible risks. Special attention is paid to the area of food safety, particularly to the provision of adequate quality and safety of the products, sold under our own brand or our owner’s brand.

Design Services

The most important services of our design studio include poster, catalogue and other promotional material design. We also prepare corporate designs for client retail stores as well as design posters, markers, banners and titles for the websites. We design the packaging and carry out basic photography and other services connected with design.